Ndarakwai Ranch is over 11,000 acres (4500 hectares) in area and located in Siha District, on the slopes of Western Kilimanjaro.

This privately owned ranch, started in 1995 as an experiment in self-sustaining conservation, preserves a variety of habitats that are home to over 70 mammal species, and 350 bird species (at last count).

Ndarakwai is an important part of the Amboseli / Ngasurai eco-system and helps to preserve vital seasonal elephant routes. Many species (lesser kudu, Grants gazelle, warthogs, impala, wildebeest, giraffe, waterbuck, bushbuck, hyena, etc), are permanent residents on the ranch, while others (eland, zebra, buffalo, elephant, cheetah, etc) use Ndarakwai seasonally.

Check out our amazing Ndarakwai Camp and the cultural and wildlife activities we offer. Learn about the history of Ndarakwai, and look into making Ndarakwai part of your Tanzania safari. Possibly you would like to volunteer with us at some point, or may have a research project that would be appropriate for our area.

Whatever your interest, do get in touch we would love to hear from you.

Peter Jones, Ndarakwai Ranch